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Residential Care Facility

for the Elderly

"A home away from home"

About Us

Maria Riformo moved to America in 1985 from the Philippines in hopes of pursuing the American dream. At the time, she didn’t know exactly what this meant, or if it was an unattainable dream that she was chasing. She was a nurse in her home country, and she strived to continue working in the medical field to assist those in need here in the United States. As she met her husband Hailey, they started a family and had their four children. As Maria balanced her everyday life, working as a nurse in the day and caring for her children at night; she also had an added responsibility of taking care of her elderly father.


One day she realized that the best care she could give her children and her father was to stay at home with them. As days went by, she understood that caring for the elderly was a common problem in America. Unlike in the Philippines where the children would take on all responsibilities of taking care of their parents, the United States was different. People needed to work. Just like how Maria and Hailey needed to work to provide for their family. But what does one do when you are faced with the difficult decision of leaving your job or attending to a loved one? Maria decided that it was time for her to pursue her dream of caring for others and opened Divine’s Care Home.


Her husband Hailey renovated a simple home into a 6-bed care home for the elderly and that’s where it all started. From there, they have established two others (Hailey’s Care home and HM Love and Care Home). Maria and her family have successfully provided a safe environment for the elderly community for over 25 years. In this present time, her eldest son Matthew is now the administrator of HM Love and Care Home and hopes to continue his mother’s dream. It is truly remarkable how one woman’s heart, has changed the lives for many others at their time of need.

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Divine's Home

2430 Bancroft Ln.
San Pablo CA, 94806
Facility #: 071441217

Located in the City of San Pablo, Divine's Home received it's license to operate a 6 bed care facility for the elderly in May 1995. The facility is staffed with a caregiver who has undergone training annually from a trusted vendor. Caregivers and administrators work together to provide continuous care to their residents daily.

If the residents are capable of traveling independently, there is a bus stop around the corner that's a 2 minute walk from the care facility. If reading various types of books is an interest, the San Pablo local library is a 13 minute walk away and a 5 minute drive. Scheduling a ride from an administrator will be a separate fee, and prices for the ride will vary depending on how far the destination.

10 minute walk from the care facility, San Pablo's community is proud to offer various local restaurants, grocery markets & convenient stores. Over the years San Pablo's community has developed it's infrastructures, and like Divine's Home the facility continues to make improvements. Our facility supports a diverse micro-community, and we encourage a positive environment.

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Hailey's Care Home

3831 La Colina Rd,
El Sobrante CA, 94803
Facility #: 075600176

Located in the City of El Sobrante, Hailey's Care Home began operation in July of 1997. The facility is licensed to operate a 6 bed care facility for the elderly, and is the second facility to be established by Maria & Hailey Riformo. Similar to their first facility, there is a caregiver providing continuous care and comfort to the residents.

At Hailey's Care Home the facility maintains a standard that is acceptable to the States regulation. The residents are reminded that all of our facilities treat everyone equally and will maintain the same intermediate level of care provided to all of our locations. The staff encourages residents to stay active by participating in some of the group activities offered. It helps to promote good health & keeps exercise the mind.

Home: About Us
Home: About Us

HM Love & Care Home

508 Kay Ann Ct.
El Sobrante CA, 94803
Facility #: 075601208

Located in the City of El Sobrante, in August of 2008, HM Love & Care Home  began operation. This is the third care facility licensed to operate a 6 bed care facility with continuous care by Maria & Hailey Riformo. Only a 10 minute drive away from it's sister facility Hailey's Care Home, our facility respectively follows the same  standards that are acceptable to the States regulations. We want to reassure our residents that all our facilities are treated equally and will maintain the same intermediate level of care provided to all of our locations.

In case our residents enjoy shopping or eating, 10 minute drive from the facility off of San Pablo Dam Road, El Sobrante offers a variety of small business and restaurants. In addition, El Sobrante sponsors an annual event called the "Annual El Sobrante  Stroll" supporting all of the local business around the area, everyone is welcome to attend.

Our facility encourages our residents to stay active by engaging in some off the activities such as Pilates, Chess or watching a sports game on t.v upon the request of each resident. If the resident is capable of traveling independently and prefers to go to town on their own, it's only a 7 minute walk to the bus stop around the corner.


Assisted Living

New Life Opportunities

Throughout the years our facility has provided assisted living services to the elderly community. We make sure there’s always supervised support from our care givers. It’s just one of the things that sets our care home apart from the rest. We’re passionate about providing opportunities for our residents to make new memories and friends while relaxing. At some of the larger facilities most residents only experience 20-30 minutes of interaction throughout their day. Our staff members are here every step of the way & they want to reassure your loved one that they'll make the effort to accommodate their needs.

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Meet the Team

Get to Know Us

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Maria Riformo Licensee Photo.jpg

Maria Riformo

Licensee / Administrator

My background is in Nursing and I've been working in the RCFE industry for 24 years. As an entrepreneur my goal is to continue providing the elderly community with our facilities services. Our staff is committed to maintain a safe environment for our residents and dedicate their hard work to deliver the highest quality of care that they can offer. Protecting them from harm and danger, while assisting them on a non-discriminatory basis with equal treatment to all residents without any regards to sex, race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, are the core elements that structure our foundation. I extend our services to all who are in need of our care.

Matthew Riformo Administrator.jpg

Matthew Riformo


As Care Administrator, my priorities are to preserve and continue the exceptional care services that our facilities provide. Over the years the residents have become family to us, and like in the Philippine culture, it's in our nature to provide them the best life that they can live. When working with potential residents we address their level of care and structure a long term goal that is suitable for them. Nevertheless, if we're unable to provide a space for your loved one, our administrators will be more than willing to forward you to a reliable referral agency who can provide the right resources.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”

- Mark Twain

Happy Couple
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We value all of residents & any potential residents, we would love to hear from you! For answers to all your questions or to set up a visit, get in touch with us today.

Maria Riformo Licensee / Administrator (510) 734-3890

Matthew Riformo Administrator (510) 610-0402

Thanks for submitting!

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